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Powerflushing is a rapid movement of water through the heating system, aided by the use of cleaning chemicals to remove deposits.

It is the only effective way to remove debris from the system.

Without this treatment no guarantees can be given as to the life or efficiency of the system.

Powerflushing is now an integral part of boiler replacement, and a requirement for most boiler manufactures to comply with their warranty terms. If your boiler installer hasn't flushed the system to BS:7593 2006 standard before commissioning then most likely the boiler warranty will be void.

Don't believe others who say that they can flush a heating system just by filling it with water and emptying it, this will not work. It is the experience of Powerflush Mansfield that the only way to effectively remove system deposits and sludge is to use a powerflush machine dedicated for the job.

Had a quote from a Service Company?

If you are taking out boiler cover & service contract, then no doubt they will have insisted that the heating system should be powerflushed before cover can commence.

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