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Benefits of Powerflushing

  • A quieter boiler because of the removal of lime scale build up on the heat exchanger.

  • Hotter Radiators and a quicker warm up from the removal of Black Sludge “Magnetite” and elimination of cold spots.

  • A longer lasting system. Pumps will last longer and radiators will have an extended life if there is no corrosion present and suitable corrosion inhibitors are used.

  • Lower fuel bills due to a more efficient system. It costs more to heat solid magnetite than it does water! Estimated that up to 25% savings can be made.

  • Complies with The Benchmark Code of Practice exceeding the BS:7593 2006 standard when installing new boilers on old or new installations.

  • Better for the Environment • Better for You • Better for your Wallet!

Our machines offer the latest in Powerflushing development, able to ‘hot flush’ at up to 80˚c
a full 30˚c above most of our competitors.

Insallation of magnetic filtration

Every central heating system in the UK could benefit from the maintenance and protection provided by an 'effective' magnetic filter.

Effective magnetic filtration is proven to remove virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide that builds up in all heating systems regardless of age. Untreated, this leads to noisy and inefficient operation, radiator cold spots, low heat levels, leaking valves and, ultimately, boiler breakdown.

For millions of hard-hit householders the simple installation of an effective filter could mean reducing energy heating bills significantly at a time when energy prices are constantly rising.

It could also mean reducing maintenance and call-out costs by more than 33% and a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 250 kg a year for a typical three bedroom house with a market leading filter.

For tens of thousands of UK installers, the backbone of the nation's central heating industry, magnetic filtration also provides an opportunity to contribute significantly to the growth of their own businesses; increased profitability; and the delivery of best practice to their customers.

Even if you begin with a perfectly prepared system, there are elements out of your control. Say the homeowner decides to decorate, and removes a radiator, there may be some oxygen ingress. If a pipe freezes, the system may spring an undetectable leak.

We recommend the installation of a filter as a future-proofing exercise. If there are ever any unforeseen issues with a system, you have already taken steps to protect the boiler for your customer. The presence of debris in the filter of a cleaned and treated system also acts as an early warning sign and can allow you to identify any issues before they overwhelm the system.

It rarely pays to buy cheap and that's the case for magnetic filters because it comes down to key areas of performance. That means effective first pass results and ample filter capacity so that, even if the filter is full, the boiler's performance is not impaired. Cheaper filters may appear to provide a solution, but fail when it comes to actually delivering effective maintenance and protection for domestic heating systems. More often than not, they simply aren't fit for purpose.

Since magnetic filtration was introduced to the industry ten years ago as a preventative approach to central heating system maintenance, a best practice solution has evolved within the sector and is catching on fast.

This involves a four step process using premium quality products and chemicals to optimise central heating performance and efficiency.

Although today's boilers are the most efficient ever, their narrow waterways make them more vulnerable to the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge, corrosion and other debris. Even an A-rated boiler will deteriorate rapidly if it's fitted to a dirty system that hasn't been flushed effectively and doesn't benefit from chemical treatment and a quality filter for ongoing protection.

Gone are the days of 'fit and forget'. Who wants their customers to forget about them? Installers need to be remembered by their customers for all the right reasons: offering reliable expert advice; making recommendations that will protect their investment and save them money; demonstrating fast and effective results; and being on hand for an annual service.

Adopting best practice provides a great opportunity for installers to build and strengthen customer relationships, gain credibility and win more work.

Original article from Plumbcenter.co.uk