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What is Powerflushing

A powerflush is a process of removing corrosion and sediment from central heating systems and boilers.

Black sludge ( magnetite ) can form dense sediment within the heating system, clogging pumps and parts and generally reducing the flow of water. If black water can be seen from the top of the radiator when bleeding or your radiators have cold spots on them, usually at the bottom, this can indicate an advanced state of corrosion in the system.

Why waste money heating black sludge in your heating system that shouldn't be there, call Powerflush Mansfield to help get you feeling warm again.

Localized boiling or "kettling" can develop where there is sludge in the boiler heat exchanger causing high internal temperatures which result in steam bubbles forming in the heat exchanger. This results in boiler noises, like a kettle boiling, and dramatically lowers heat transfer rates throughout the system. Meaning having to run the heating longer to stay warm.

What happens?

After you have made an enquiry, we will arrange for a Free powerflush survey, this is to check that you system can be cleaned effectively and to confirm the correct price for the powerflush. We will also discus the powerflush process with you and answer any questions you may have. Once this is completed we will arrange the day for the Powerflush to take place.

On the Day

Powerflush Mansfield trained engineers will arrive at the appointed time, then depending on the type of heating system you have the dedicated PowerFlush machine will be connected to the heating system by either

• Removing the heating pump

• Removing a radiator

• Connecting onto the boiler ( usually with a combi boiler )

The Powerflush process is then started and the system cleaned of all debris and sludge, this takes around 5 - 6 hours to complete on a standard 7 radiator system

Powerflush Mansfield engineers will require access to all radiator valves during the flushing process.

When our engineers are fully happy that the system is clean and contains no more debris, the Powerflush machine is removed, the heating system refilled and protected with chemicals to prevent any further build up of sludge.